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Perry Morey - a tribute

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Perry Morey was a terrific community member and very active in the Central Australian Aviation Museum (CAAM) for many years during which time he held the office of Secretary. He was also a valued employee of the Museum & Art Galleries NT becoming a well-known identity in his role as minder of the iconic Heritage listed, Connellan Airways Hangar.

Perry was recognised as the Territory’s expert on Aviation history and this interest provided some of the drive behind intrepid trips made over the years by CAAM members to historical aviation sites which led to setting up a memorial such as that at the Wackett aircraft forced landing site in the Great Stoney Desert as well as that erected at the site where pilots Hitchcock and Anderson were forced to land the Kookaburra aircraft near Cattle Creek Outstation in the Tanami Desert, where they perished. In 1989, a moving documentary was made about the finding of the Kookaburra. Hitchcock’s sister, Pretoria Bliss, was filmed at the site of the tragedy. Perry also features in the film, which is shown at the Aviation Museum, making it a permanent record of his efforts in promoting the Territory’s aviation history.

His interest in Territory history had deep roots. His father was legendary police officer in the Top End and also part owner of Wild Man River Station where Eddy Connellan took tourist groups on crocodile hunting expeditions.

As a young man, Perry worked on and managed cattle stations in the Kimberly and his love for the Top End never diminished as evidenced by his many stories of that time. His wonderful renditions of bush poetry such as “Brady’s Ghost” we’re given with the passion that only someone who has lived that life could give.

After taking up and then losing Elliot Roadhouse, Perry worked on Eddy Connellan’s, Narwietooma Station. From there he took up a position as “traffic-officer/future pilot” with Connellan Airways. He also drove trucks for NT Transport for many years, and Perry was one of the people behind the concept for the Transport Hall of Fame.

Perry was a valued community member. Whilst he retired from CAAM in 2010 he kept up a strong interest in its activities. He was a close friend of the late Roger Connellan, whose tragic death prompted the establishment of CAAM.

“Being such a prominent member of CAAM over so many years, Perry will be greatly missed.” Jim Thomas Founding Life Member CAAM


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