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The components on display represent what was found of Keith Anderson’s plane, the Kookaburra, found in the Tanami Desert after 50 years. Manufactured in 1927, the plane was acquired by Anderson in 1929 and soon after was flown by Anderson and Bobby Hitchcock across Australia in a desperate bid to find the missing Fokker of Charles Kingsford Smith. Anderson and Hitchcock perished after engine trouble forced them to land in the Tanami Desert. Their bodies were recovered - the plane was left behind.


In 1978 the remains of the Kookaburra were finally located and recovered by a expedition financed and led by Australian businessman and adventurer, Dick Smith.


It is displayed as it was found in diorama format by NT Museums and Art Galleries near the Heron display.


Technical Details

Engine: 1 x 85HP Cirrus 4 cylinder

Wingspan: 11.09m / 36’4”

Length: 7.14m / 23’5”

Performance: Cruising Speed 136.75km/h / 85mi/h

Capacity: Pilot and 1 passenger

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