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VH-EWE is a commemorative display as the original plane was the first aircraft to depart from Darwin Airport, after Cyclone Tracy devastated the city Christmas 1974 with 25 evacuees on board.


DC-3 (c/n 13084), manufactured in 1942, served in USAF  and RAAF as a Douglas C-47A and later operated as a civilian DC-3 by Trans Australia Airlines, Qantas and General Cargo Australia. After its withdrawal from service, it was restored and repainted with Connair livery to depict and commemorate the original VH-EWE. Qantas kindly donated some Boeing 747 economy seats for the cabin which is used as a theatrette showcasing the historic BBC documentary ‘Connellan’s Camels’.


The original DC-3 VH-EWE (c/n 6007) was a former USAF and RAAF Douglas C-47A. It was later converted to a civilian aircraft at Essendon Airport, Melbourne, and registered to Australian National Airlines Commission. Purchased by Connair from East-West Airlines in 1973, VH-EWE was also operated by Guinea Airways, Trans Australia Airlines, General Cargo Australia.




































Technical Details

Engine: 2 x 1250HP Pratt and Whitney R1830-92 Twin Wasp 14 Cylinder radial

Wingspan: 29m / 92’2”

Length: 19.7m / 64’8”

Performance: Cruising Speed 333km/h / 207mi/h

Capacity: 2 Crew and 21-32 passengers

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