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Manufactured in 1953, and based on a WWII design, the Auster became a versatile light aircraft after the war. Connellan Airways used one from 1951-1957. The Auster represents the aircraft used by Connellan Airways in the 1940’s and 1950’s. These were primary British Aircraft with a fabric covered alloy frame fuselage and powered by Gypsy engines.


The aircraft was purchased by the Museum in flying condition in 1981, when it was flown from Melbourne to Alice Springs. It was flown to Uluru in 1982 for the opening of the Connellan Airport.


Technical Details

Engine: 1 x 130HP DH Gypsy Motor 4 cylinder

Wingspan: 10.97m / 36’

Length: 7.22m / 23’8”

Performance: Cruising Speed 169km/h / 105mi/h

Capacity: Pilot and 2 passengers

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