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Manufactured in 1941, this Percival Proctor was acquired to represent the Percival Vega Gull used by Eddie Connellan, founder of Connellan Airways, to operate the first station mail run between Alice Springs and Wyndham in August, 1939.


The Proctor was a military version of the Vega Gull. VH-AVG was flown to Australia from the UK by Jack Williams in 1955. It was then purchased and flown by Mr K. Treloar of Olary, SA, until it was deemed non-airworthy in 1966 due to glue deterioration. The aircraft was acquired for the Museum in 1985 with a grant from the NT Government.












Technical Details

Engine: 1 x 208HP DH Gypsy Queen 2, 6 cylinder

Wingspan: 12m / 39’5”

Length: 8.6m / 28’

Performance: Cruising Speed 235km/h / 146mi/h

Capacity: Pilot and 2 passengers

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