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Manufactured in 1958, this particular aircraft was purchased as an Aerial Medical aircraft for the NT. During its 21 years of service it flew throughout the NT with quiet distinction, transporting Medical Staff to stations and settlements on regular medical runs as well as responding to medical emergencies.


The Museum acquired VH-DHH via CSIRO, who donated the aircraft when it was no longer needed for spares.


The aircraft is dedicated to the memory of ‘Doc Fenton’ - the Northern Territory’s first ‘Flying Doctor’.


Technical Details

Engine: 2 x 380HP DH Gypsy Queen 6 cylinder Supercharged

Wingspan: 17.37m / 57’

Length: 12m / 39’4”

Performance: Cruising Speed 288km/h / 179mi/h

Capacity: 2 Crew, plus 9 passengers, or 6 passengers and a stretcher

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