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The Wackett Trainer was developed during WWII as an intermediate pilot training aircraft for use by the RAAF. This Wackett served at Laverton, Ballarat, Naromine and Parkes during its RAAF days. Following the war, it was owned by various private owners. In 1962, it and pilot, James Knight, went missing. Despite an extensive search, it remained missing for three and a half years. The pilot has never been found. The aircraft was recovered from the Great Victoria Desert and donated to the Museum by Bill and Bev Kinsman.


The story of this tragedy is available in the December, 1965, No. 44 edition of Aviation Safety Digest. You can read the article from page 20, click the PDF icon below!


Technical Details

Engine: 1 x 175HP Warner Super Scarab 7 cylinder Radial

Wingspan: 11.3m / 37’

Performance: Cruising Speed 177km/h / 110mi/h

Capacity: Pilot and 1 passenger

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