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Manufactured in 1962, The Kookaburra Glider was designed by Edmund Schneider and built at Gawler in SA. It was designed as a 2-seater training sailplane for Australian Gliding Clubs. A total of 37 were registered in Australia.


Gliding in Alice Springs commenced from the Townsite Aerodrome where the Museum is located today, before moving to the current airstrip, Bond Springs Airstrip, north of town. In recent years Alice Springs has been the site of many world record gliding flights.


This particular Glider was acquired by the Alice Springs Gliding Club in 1976 and was used for training until February 1979, when it was withdrawn from service and acquired by the Museum.

Technical Details

Glide ratio: 20:1 at 81km/h / 50.33mi/h

Wingspan: 11.7m / 38’5”

Performance: Maximum Speed 220km/h / 136.7mi/h

Capacity: Pilot and 1 passenger

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