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"Fancy washing a plane", I asked.

We're all volunteers at the Central Australian Aviation Museum... & at the top end of life's yardstick! An iconic De Havilland Heron is housed outside in an opensided hangar.  As you can imagine, it gets very dusty.  When it comes to washing it down, we rely on help.


"Fancy washing a plane", I asked. "Sure", they said!  A crew from the fire station rolled up & washed the Heron so it's ready to 'fly' when the aviation precinct re opens on March 1st. 

It was the perfect job for a hot day. A million thanks to the crew from all of us at the aviation museum. (Franca Frederiksen, President)

BTW...this Heron was used by Germany's Chancellor Adenauer as his private plane after WW2.  Germany wasn't allowed to build planes so they bought one from De Havilland in England.   It was bought by Connellan Airways/Connair in the 1960s.


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